Samsonite ​Andante ​Wheeled ​Duffel 22 ​Inch ​Review

If you are on a tight budget and in need for a travel duffel rolling bag then the Samsonite Andante 22 inch is probably the best item you should buy.

​Packing is easy with this bag and is comfortable when traveling. This flexible wheeled luggage also can serve as a rolling carry-on.

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This duffel is roomy meaning you can pack all the things you consider necessary for your trip. It is at the same time small enough to be accepted as a carry on luggage, this factor is particularly important when taking a flight.

The Samsonite Andante wheeled duffel it’s not hard-sided: this makes it easy for you to squeeze as much as you can until it fits. See how convenient this is for you. The other explicit desirable factor on this bag is its wheels. I think they speak for themselves, they roll out their own importance in your journey.

Main Features

  • Made from 100% polyester

  • ​​​B​​​allistic nylon lining

  • Sturdy lightweight design

  • ​Large opening

  • Multiple organization pockets

  • Pull out handle

​This carry on is totally worth the purchase and it will allow you to travel in style. The only downside that I can see is the fact that this duffle bag doesn’t have a shoulder strap and you will need to have some sewing skills to add one.

Product Description

This wheeled duffel bag is lightweight to the extreme. It weighs at only 5.1 pounds and it will fit in the upper head compartment of planes.

​It is made from expandable polyester allowing you to squeeze in as many clothes as possible. It’s lining is made of ballistic nylon.

This 22-inch rolling duffel bag comes with 2 quality wheels and rolls very easily making it effortless for you to move around and look sophisticated also. However, because it is two skated, it is impossible to pull the bag upright. The chances of it toppling over are high.

​There are multiple pockets in the Samsonite andante wheeled duffel. This is great for proper organization of your luggage.

Different compartments can carry different things and keep you as organized as possible during your trip. For example, makeup kit for ladies, your underwear and business files for business trips all in their own separate pockets. Imagine how easy it would be to pull out the things you need when you need them without dismantling the whole bag.

The 20.4 inches pull handle( fully extended) has been designed for easy movement and it comes with a locking mechanism to cater for your security. Apart from the retractable handle that is to be used when wheeling the duffel, there are carry handles, one on the top for when the bag is standing upright and one on the front side.

​The duffel is fitted with zippers, one on the side section and the other that allows access to the main compartment. The zipper closures are easy to open and close and are as durable as can be.

It comes in a variety of color. It should be noted that each of the andante bags come in two colors combinations, that is, black-grey, black-red, black- crimson or black-charcoal.

The presence of SamGuard coating and rugged tri-core nylon fabric makes it resistant to water and stains.

The bag has a smooth looking design that gives it a classy, fashionable and sophisticated edge. This makes it undoubtingly stunning and too attractive a piece to pass by.


  • Over 12000 bags sold worldwide.

  • ​​​It is very spacious allowing you to pack as many things as possible that meet your needs. You do not have to compromise because of lack of space.

  • You can use it as a gym bag without any problem.

  • It is not hard sided making it possible to squeeze into compartments that are not ​roomy enough.

  • It is perfect for a carry-on bag. It is accepted on flights as a carry-on, you are therefore assured of no problems with flight crews.

  • It is lightweight and easy to pull through, thanks to the presence of wheels at the base.

  • ​It has handles at the top and middle which are convenient when not rolling the bag.

  • ​It has enough compartments making it easier for you to organize your belongings.

  • ​It is flexible in size and available in a variety of colors.

  • Secure enough with its locking mechanism on the pull handle .

  • ​Great for both long and short weekend trips.


  • Some customers report faulty zippers.When filled to the brim, the possibility of the zipper ripping off is very high. This may lead to spilling of the content of the duffel.

  • Tips off easy, due to its two wheels. When the luggage is full, this soft side bag cannot maintain its balance by its own. It falls over when putting in an upright position.

  • It has no shoulder straps. It, therefore, cannot be used as a backpack. It can only be carried using the top or side handles or subsequently wheeled.


If you are looking for something classy and trendy and at the same time affordable the Samsonite silhouette sphere hard side spinner would work a great deal for you.

It had the essential characteristics which are; durability, convenience and is movable; it is light weight enough for any person. Its Mobility quotient is at a hundred percent range, so you have nothing to worry about. The fact that you can carry it in any manner you deem fit is another plus to this line of products.

Do not pull back on having the amazing experience Samsonite is presenting to you. Go ahead and gift yourself with the Samsonite andante duffel bag and make your airline travel life easy.

In conclusion for a tight budget …this is the rolling bag you have searched for.

 Not to mention that some customers bought this bag in 2013 and are still using it without any problem so this bag certainly withstood the test of time.   Check Price at Amazon
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