Benefits of traveling light with just a ​carry on luggage

Quit the long airline queue for your boarding pass

​​When you just have a carry-on luggage you can easily check in online or use the automated check-in machines and walk straight to your flight without having to wait for long hours to check in your luggage and get the boarding pass. Also, you get the advantage of rushing into your flight in the last minute as you have already handled the check-in formalities without being bumped off your flight due to the reason that you were not there 30 minutes before departure.

​Skip the waiting process at the baggage claim area

​​After a long flight, you can just walk straight out without having to wait in the baggage claim area to take your checked in luggage. Did you know that the average waiting time for baggage is usually around 17.3 minutes? You can save on this time, finish your customs easily and be on the way to your destination.

​Never lose your bag again or get them damaged by the airlines handling

Did you know that for every 1000 passengers, there is at least 6 to 8 reportedly lost luggage?

You can avoid this when you travel with your carry-on bag. You will not have to go through the strain of not finding your baggage in the baggage claim area and rushing here and there to find an agent to file a claim. Also, you can save your bags from being damaged from the harsh handling of the airline authorities.

​Save on airline fees

Most airlines today charge a fee for checked in luggage. You can easily save on this fee when you travel with just a carry-on luggage and can spend that money on something else worthwhile in your travel. Anyhow, you would not be wearing every piece of clothing you will be packing in your check-in luggage.

​Flexibility in changing flights and faster international connections

When you get to the airport, if you find an earlier flight to travel you can easily change flights without the hassle of changing all your checked in luggage. Also, sometimes during international travel transit, you might need to pick your checked in luggage in the first flight and re-check them again in the new flight. You can save on this time and travel hassle free with a carry-on.

​You can move around faster

When you are a tourist, you need not bestowing around a lot of baggage when you just have a carry-on. You will be able to walk faster and explore more places and even save on taxi fares which you might not need when you don’t have much luggage unless you can’t cover the distance by walking. You can also do a lot of things in a single day when you travel light.

​Simplify your travel:

You will not be digging into different luggage to get your toiletry, your phone charger, your shoes or your books. As you will be carrying fewer things in just one bag, you can easily find them all in one place. Also when you have long layovers in transit, you will not be bored as you will have everything with you for easy access.

​Other benefits are:

Through a crowded airport or the tight airplane aisle you can easily maneuver with these carry-ons as they are mostly four-wheeled and can rotate easily and smoothly in any direction. You can push it along your side or pull it behind you like traditional bags.

They also are very sturdy and offer a good stability as they don’t turn over easily.

​The bags as a whole as well as the handles which are usually cut off from the main material of the bag are very durable and do not rip easily even after harsher drop tests.

​They are very spacious and have a lot of travel-friendly features like a plasticized interior pocket for toiletries, a large exterior pocket that can fit your laptop, expanding zippers to accommodate more baggage and comfortable compartments that are easier to zip open and close.

Samsonite offers many models that will suit the ideal traveler who wants to travel light. Some of the best performing models include the Xspace Carry-on Spinner, DKX Carry-on Spinner, Silhouette Sphere 2 21, Lite-biz, and Lite- Shock, Fiero HS Spinner 20 , Andante Wheeled Duffel ​and others.

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