Can you Take a Beard Trimmer through TSA in 2023?

Are you planning to take your beard trimmer with you on a commercial flight, but you’re not sure if you’re allowed to bring it?

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know to safely bring a beard trimmer on a plane.

If you’ve visited the TSA website, you may have noticed that there’s no mention of beard trimmers.

However, the website does state that electric razors are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags, without any restrictions.

Luckily, several people asked the TSA via their Twitter account about this, and the TSA responded:

According to TSA, beard trimmers, regardless if they are cordless or not, are allowed in both carry-on or checked bags.

As you can see, the TSA doesn’t see beard trimmers as potentially hazardous items.

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They don’t care if the trimmer blade is made from stainless steel or ceramic, as they consider it too small to be used as a weapon. 

Is a rechargeable beard trimmer allowed on a plane?

This is a legitimate concern since rechargeable trimmers contain a lithium-based battery, and the TSA has special rules for this kind of battery.

However, in the case of beard trimmers, the TSA states that rechargeable ones are allowed in carry-ons and checked bags.

If your beard trimmer has a replaceable lithium battery, it is better to remove it before packing the trimmer in your checked bag.

This is just a precaution, as no TSA agent will open your checked luggage to see if your beard trimmer has removable batteries.

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Keep in mind that if you want to bring spare lithium batteries for your trimmer, you will not be allowed to carry them inside the checked bag, as the TSA allows them only in carry-on luggage.

Can you bring beard trimmer blades on a plane?

You can bring as many beard trimmer blades as you want when you fly on a commercial plane.

Typically, a beard trimmer blade is 1-2 inches long, and TSA agents allow this type of blade since they consider them too small to be used to hurt someone.

If you have a typical beard trimmer, the blade should last for at least 3-4 months, even if you have fast-growing hair.

Unless you’re planning to travel for an extended period, you probably won’t need to bring a spare blade. 

How to pack a beard trimmer for air travel

Try to make the beard trimmer as small as possible, removing the guard and the blade. 

If you have a corded beard trimmer, make sure to wrap the cord around it before packing it in your checked bag.

TSA agents are trained to open luggage if they see loose cables during a scan, as they may be indicators of explosive devices.

To avoid having your luggage opened and receiving a “love letter,” always wrap the power cord around your electric devices before packing them in your checked bag.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if your beard trimmer has a self-sharpening blade, you’ll need some oil to lubricate it.

Most beard trimmer sets come with a small plastic bottle of oil, but it’s easy to forget that all liquids, no matter how small the quantity, must follow the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule.

Make sure to pack the oil in a clear, quart-sized bag, and pack it in an accessible location in your carry-on before going through security checkpoints.

If you can, avoid checked luggage and place your beard trimmer inside your carry-on.

A beard trimmer is fragile and can be damaged during transit, but you can mitigate this risk by placing it inside your carry-on.

Some high-end trimmers have a travel safety lock that will prevent accidental activation. Remember to engage the travel lock before packing your beard trimmer.

Can you take beard oil on a plane?

You can bring beard oil on a plane, but keep in mind that the TSA 3-1-1 rule applies.

This rule applies to other haircare products like wax or gel, even though you might not consider them to be liquids.

Most beard lotions contain less than 3.4 fluid ounces (100ml), but there are some products that are over this limit.

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Remember that if your beard lotion is packed in a container bigger than 3.4 oz, you will not be allowed to bring it in your carry-on, even if the container is almost empty.

TSA 3-1-1 rules state, “Containers that are larger than 3.4 ounces (100ml), regardless of the amount inside, must be in checked baggage.

Plan ahead

When you’re traveling by airplane to a new destination, you usually have a good idea of how long you’ll be there.

If you know that you won’t be able to find a barbershop at your destination, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and either trim your beard yourself or visit a barber a few hours before your flight.

If you have a specific date in mind, you can even ask your barber to remove a little more from your beard than usual to ensure that it will look neat and tidy on your desired date.


Do all beard trimmers have lithium batteries?

Most, but not all, beard trimmers sold nowadays have a lithium-based battery. Usually, on the cheaper models, you can find some that come with a NiMh (nickel-metal) battery.

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However, there are certain disadvantages when choosing a bear trimmer with a NiMh battery.

The first one is the charging duration: to use a beard trimmer for 30 minutes, a NiMh battery requires 6-8 hours of charging, compared to just one hour for a lithium battery.

The second one is the high self-discharge rate of NiMh batteries. It varies from 14% to 70% per month. A lithium-ion battery’s self-discharge rate is usually around 1% per month. 

The only advantage when choosing a beard trimmer powered by a NiMh battery is the price, since a lithium-based battery costs, on average, a couple of dollars more than a NiMh battery.

My advice is to avoid the beard trimmers that run on NiMh batteries since it’s frustrating when you need to wait several hours for it to charge. 

Are all trimers allowed on planes?

Beard trimmers, electric razors, hair clippers, and other similar electronics are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags.

Keep in mind that just because a beard trimmer is allowed on a plane, that doesn’t mean that a grass trimmer can get through TSA, too.

Are beard trimmers allowed on international flights?

You can bring your beard trimmer on an international flight without any issues.

As of now, there are no international airlines that prohibit beard trimmers on their planes.

Can you bring hair scissors on a plane?

Sometimes, when you buy a beard trimmer set, you will find a pair of scissors inside the box.

The TSA states that if the scissors are less than 4 inches long from the pivotal point, then you can bring them inside your carry-on.

If the scissors are bigger than 4 inches from the pivotal point, then you can only pack them inside your checked baggage.