Can you take a Yeti Cup on a Plane?

Thinking of taking your Yeti cup on your upcoming flight?

Well, you might be pondering whether it’s permissible on board.

Here’s the scoop: You can absolutely bring your Yeti cup on a plane—whether it’s in your carry-on or checked luggage.

But there are some TSA guidelines you’ll want to be aware of to ensure your journey is as seamless as possible.

Per the TSA, your Yeti can accompany you on the plane, but it must be empty when you go through the security checkpoint. In other words, no liquids in that bottle while you’re passing through airport security!

Something else to note: the TSA agent needs to see the entire inside of the Yeti cup.

So, it’s a good idea to unscrew or loosen the top before you tuck it into your carry-on. Once you’ve made it through security, you’re free to fill it with any drinks you buy post-screening.

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In this post, we’ll delve further into the TSA’s specific guidelines on traveling with a Yeti cup, and we’ll also offer some handy packing advice and point out potential hiccups to watch for. 

Prohibited Items on Planes

Hey, while your trusty Yeti cup is welcome aboard, there are some items that don’t make the cut. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Liquids over 3.4 ounces (that’s 100 milliliters) in your carry-on? Nope. This includes drinks, gels, and even aerosols.
  • Sharp items like knives, scissors, and razor blades in your carry-on? Think twice.
  • Firearms and other weapons in your carry-on? Big no-no.
  • Explosives? Definitely off-limits, whether in your carry-on or checked luggage.

Now, even if an item gets the go-ahead, the TSA might still give it an extra look. If you’re on the fence about something, your best bet is to check in with the TSA before jetting off.

To wrap things up: yes, you can bring your Yeti cup on a plane, but it’s gotta be empty when you’re at security. If you’re thinking of traveling with a full Yeti, stash it in your checked luggage. 

The Ideal Yeti Cup Specifications for Air Travel

Yeti cups boast a stainless steel construction, which is airplane-friendly.

What’s more?

Opting for a Yeti that’s BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and designed to repel condensation (the famed “No Sweat Design”) can be a game-changer.

Especially if clammy hands are a common struggle for you—the no-sweat design will be your best friend.

The standout feature of a Yeti cup? It’s superb insulation! It promises to keep your beverages piping hot or ice cold for hours on end.

My two cents?

Go for a cup that boasts double-wall insulation. While those uber-affordable options from China might be tempting, they often skimp with just a single insulated wall.

Additional Features

On the hunt for a Yeti with some bells and whistles? Some models come decked out with handy extras like a handle or a straw.

Though perfect for day-to-day use, they can be a bit tricky to stow away in your carry-on.

If you’re a frequent flyer and can’t imagine parting with your Yeti, perhaps consider a model without those add-ons.

Not only will it free up precious space in your bag, but a handle-free Yeti also tends to be a tad lighter, making travel a breeze. 

Packing Your Yeti Cup Like a Pro

Pre-Pack Prep
Before you even think about packing that Yeti cup, give it a good clean and let it dry completely.

If it’s joining you in the cabin, make sure it’s empty and you’ve got enough room in your carry-on to accommodate it.

Of course, if you’d rather, you can always nestle it in your checked baggage.

Avoiding Leaky Situations
Nobody wants a wet surprise in their luggage. To ward off potential leaks, consider popping your Yeti into a plastic bag or wrapping it in a towel or piece of clothing to catch any rogue drops.

If you’re really playing it safe, a silicone lid is a great investment—not only does it seal things up tight, but it also maintains your drink’s temperature.

Sipping In The Sky

Once you’ve breezed through security, feel free to fill up your Yeti with whatever tickles your fancy.

Planning on sipping during your flight? Avoid stowing that Yeti back in your carry-on.

Set it in a cup holder or on the tray table to keep it stable, especially if some turbulence decides to join the party. Here’s a little pro-tip: due to the air pressure changes up there, your Yeti might get a bit leaky if it’s too full.

If you’re keen on keeping your carry-on spill-free (and who isn’t?), it’s best not to overfill or keep a filled Yeti tucked away with your essentials. 

Navigating On-Board Yeti Cup Restrictions

Planning to have your Yeti cup with you in the sky? Great choice! But keep in mind, there are a few rules of the air to be aware of:

  1. Alcohol Alert: If you’ve got a hankering for some in-flight libations, remember this: You can’t bring aboard any alcoholic drinks that you didn’t snag from either the airline or airport vendors.
  2. Pressure Check: Ah, the quirks of air travel! Due to shifts in air pressure, that lovely Yeti of yours might decide to spring a leak. Don’t fret, though. A snugly screwed-on lid should do the trick. And, for some extra peace of mind, you might want to encase it in a plastic bag or another safeguard.
  3. Special Liquids: Traveling with breast milk, infant juice, or medically necessary fluids? You can fill your Yeti up with these, no problem. But a word to the wise: double-check with your airline beforehand to make sure you’re in line with their specific policies.

In a nutshell?

Flying with a Yeti cup is totally doable, but it pays to be prepared.

Stick to the TSA’s guidelines and your airline’s rules, and you’ll be sipping with ease at cruising altitude. 


So, considering jetting off with your favorite Yeti cup in tow? It’s a solid choice for keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature while traveling.

The key is to be in the know. Familiarize yourself with TSA’s rules, prepare your Yeti appropriately, and be mindful of any restrictions once on board.

With a little planning, your Yeti can be your trusty travel companion, ensuring your beverages are just right, whether you’re at the airport terminal or 30,000 feet up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are stainless steel cups allowed on airplanes?

Wondering if you can jet off with your stainless steel cup in tow?

Good news!

You can totally bring stainless steel cups, including those snazzy Yeti ones, on airplanes.

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But here’s the catch: you’ll need to empty them before sauntering through security.

Once you’ve cleared that checkpoint, feel free to fill ’em up!

Can I bring my Ember mug on a plane?

Thinking of flying with your trusty Ember mug?

Great news!

You’re absolutely welcome to bring your Ember mug aboard.

Just remember to empty it out before you hit the security line.

These mugs, designed to keep your drink at that just-right temperature, are airplane-friendly. Just a tip: give it a quick clean and ensure it’s empty before heading through security. 

What items are prohibited on airplanes?

Planning to fly soon?

It’s essential to know there are specific items that airlines and the TSA give a firm “no” to. Flammable stuff like fireworks, lighters, and matches?

Nope, they’re a no-go. And while you might find them handy on the ground, sharp objects like knives and scissors, as well as firearms, don’t fly either.

The TSA website is your go-to for the full lowdown on what’s prohibited in the skies.

And a heads-up: TSA guidelines can change, so make it a habit to do a quick check on their site before each trip.

Still unsure about something in your suitcase? The TSA’s always there to clarify.

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