Can you take body spray on a plane?

We all love body spray for its versatility and ease of use, but can you bring it with you on a plane? Let’s find out.

The Transportation Security Administration considers body spray a liquid; thus, the 3-1-1 rule applies.

Carry-on: As a rule, you can bring body spray in your toiletries bag as long as the can contains less than 3.4 fluid ounces or 100 mL of liquid.

This rule limits the size of body spray cans you can bring inside your carry-on.

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You could force open a pressurized body spray can and pour some into a 3.4 oz bottle until you fill it, but it’s not the best course of action. You can try, but it’s highly impracticable to do it.

Checked luggage rules are more lenient as you are allowed to pack up to 68 fluid ounces or 2L, though the capacity of any single container should not exceed 17 fluid ounces or 500mL.

Keep in mind that the checked luggage rule for body spray applies per person and not per checked luggage.

Therefore, no matter the number of checked baggage you travel with, you are not allowed to exceed the 68 fluid ounce limit.

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The limit of 17 fluid ounces per body spray allows you to bring almost any brand of body spray if it’s packed in your checked luggage.

Can I bring a half empty 4 oz body spray inside my toiletries bag?

Unfortunately, this will not work. To speed security checks, TSA agents rely not on the actual quantity of liquid, but on the capacity of the bottle that contains that liquid.

They will stop you even if you bring a 4 oz transparent bottle that contains 0.1 oz of liquid.

They see that the bottle is almost empty, but they will not allow it to pass.

This sucks, considering that the majority of body spray cans sold nowadays contain 4 oz.

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The good news is that TSA agents seem to be lax with the rule.

Frequent travelers say that they travel with body spray, such as Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant, in their one-quart bag without any issues, even if such a spray contains 3.8 fluid ounces. 

My take on this is that 90% of the time, TSA agents will not care if you have a 3.5-3.8 fluid ounce body spray can in your toiletry bag.

If your body spray exceeds 3.4 oz by a small margin, you could try to remove the label. Visually, nobody will be able to tell if your body spray contains 3.2. or 3.7 oz.

Can you bring Axe body spray on a plane?

Axe is one of the most popular body spray options you can buy.

Unfortunately, it’s primarily sold in 4 oz or 5.07 oz containers. The TSA limit is 3.4 fluid ounces.

Because of this, you cannot bring Axe in your carry-on. You are allowed to bring them only in checked luggage.

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If you still want to bring a body spray in your handbag, you will need to choose a brand that offers its products in a can that is under the 3.4 oz limit.

However, if you don’t want other brands, Axe has a product that can be brought in your toiletry bag without any issues. It’s called Axe Pocket Spray, and it contains 0.57 fluid ounces or 17mL.

You can watch the video below to see a review of the Axe Pocket Spray.

The only drawback of this product is that you will have a hard time finding it.

Unfortunately, being scarce also means that the price is higher than it should be.

Will my body spray explode on the plane?

As there is no significant difference in pressure between being on the ground and being at 40000 ft inside a pressurized airplane, body spray cans will not explode.

The cargo area where the checked pieces of baggage are stored is also pressurized.

The TSA would not have allowed body sprays inside the checked luggage if there was even a tiny chance that they would explode or become a risk to flight safety.

However, leaks may occur, especially if your body spray cans that aren’t adequately packed or are missing the cap.

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The TSA clearly states that you should not place it in the checked luggage if it is missing the cap.

If you want to be sure that your body spray will not leak on your belongings, there is a nice trick that also works well for other toiletries.

Use a vacuum sealer machine and vacuum seal the body spray can inside a plastic bag.

This will prevent leaks, but it will also keep the cap in place no matter what happens with your checked bag during transit.

Extreme heat could potentially make a body spray can explode, but the temperature inside the cargo area is usually lower than in the passenger area. 

Can you use body spray inside an airplane?

No rules prevent you from using a body spray inside an airplane. However, it would be best not to do so in the passenger area.

Some passengers might have an allergic reaction to it, and people who have asthma will not appreciate it. My advice is to go to the aircraft lavatory when you want to spray it on yourself.

Can you take travel-size body spray on a plane?

Some manufacturers use the words “travel size” to increase their sales. However, this doesn’t mean they are allowed inside the hand baggage.

The TSA doesn’t care if your body spray is “travel size.” 

They want the spray can to be under 3.4 fluid ounces and be placed inside a one-quart bag if you want to bring it onto the aircraft.

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