Samsonite Mightlight 2 21″ Spinner Review

The Samsonite Mightlight spinner is a very light piece of luggage. In fact, this 21-inch spinner carry-on baggage weighs in at only 6 pounds, which is exceptionally light for a travel bag of this size.

This carry-on luggage was first introduced in 2014. Since then, buyers report that it holds up over the years fairly well. Find out what they are saying about this product on Amazon.

Will it Fit the Overhead Compartment of Airlines?

Yes, the Samsonite Mightlight will fit in the overhead bin of American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines without issue.

Be careful, though – if you expand or overfill your luggage, Air Canada might require you to check this bag in.

The Samsonite Mightlight spinner uses a top and side-carry grab handle as well as a bottom handle, making this bag easy for you to lift into the trunk of a car.

The bag also has a built-in side-pocket for water bottles or other small items.

Main Features

  • ​lightweight design only 6 pounds

  • ​durable

  • ​expandable for added packing capacity

  • 2 internal mesh shoe pockets

  • ​4 multi-directional spherical wheels

  • ​made out of Nylon 100%

​What is Made From?

This lightweight luggage is made of nylon (SamGuard) which is very durable and resistant to water and stains. So, you will not have to worry if you get caught up in a storm since the contents of your luggage will be well secured. Additionally, the nylon gives it a sleek and impressively edgy look.

SamGuard is a water-resistant coating used to improve luggage’s durability and strength.

​Does it Have Pockets?

In the front, it has a slip pocket which goes all way down, a smaller pocket for documents, and a larger compartment that can be used to store a pair of shoes or an extra coat. The bag is also expandable, so you can have extra space if you need it.

We must admit that no thought sounds as absurd as carrying as many necessities as possible in the lightest bag as possible. After all, the laws of packing for a trip, vacation, or any other traveling purposes would state that the more you pack, the heavier your bag(s) will be, and the less you pack, the lighter they will be.

This would mean you have to leave behind some of the things you want to carry but don’t necessarily need. To solve this problem, Samsonite has found a way to incorporate your needs and wants into one bag while simultaneously defying the laws of packing

The Mightlight Spinner boasts of a frame that is sturdy but lightweight, and at the same time, spacious enough for all the concoctions needed for your travel needs.

It has a sleek design that will give you a sophisticated look as you stride down the streets while traveling. It is also the perfect size for weekend travel and airplane lines, and could be the perfect gift to your loved ones for any occasion; they will surely be grateful.

What About the Wheels?

Samsonite has creatively incorporated four multi-dimensional wheels to their Mightlight spinner. The spherical wheels move in a 360-degree rotation, thus enabling you to maneuver your luggage in whatever direction you need to. These wheels can make your journey much easier regardless of what direction you wish to or need to go in.

This is because the four wheels at the base have enough distance between them, providing a steady base on which to stand on when you are not moving.

The Spinner comes with comfortable, padded handles for you to carry easily and comfortably when picking up or moving the suitcase around. The pull handle, which can be used when wheeling the suitcase, is also padded, thus avoiding friction while you pull the bag along with you.

Expandable and Zippers

Samsonite designed zippers for the Mightlight carry on luggage to enable access to and closure of items into the bag. The zippers are also lockable for the sake of security to your belongings.

​The carry-on has an expandable zipper at the side to give you more packing space if need be.


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​The interior has a mesh pocket that is zippered and a wet pocket for organizing the items for your travel. There is an elastic mesh pocket that allows you put in smaller things.

Compression straps on the inside are used to secure or hold your items intact and prevent shifting positions as you travel. This also helps prevent or reduce wrinkling of your clothes.


  • ​Balances and can stand upright on its own since the four wheels at the base have the right amount of distance between them

  • Lockable zippers provided for extra security; they can also be padlocked

  • ​​Lightweight – the Mightlight 21 spinner is super light, and some users say that is the lightest 21 spinner that they have had/lifted

  • ​It is expandable and flexible – the side-zipper allows the suitcase to expand if you need to pack more items.

  • ​​It can rotate quickly to whichever direction you may choose thanks to its four-dimensional 360-degree wheels

  • ​​It has well-fitted pockets that can be used for delicate belongings

  • ​The material utilized in the design (SamGuard coating) is water resistant, so don’t worry if you get caught in the rain

  • ​It is stain and scratch resistant

  • ​It is durable and long lasting – it is not easy to tear and can be used over a considerably long period of time

  • ​Easy to access items without creating a mess with the rest of your luggage

  • ​The pull-handles are padded for extra comfort, and the telescopic handle extends up to 42 inches


  • The zipper can easily rip off if the suitcase is over packed

  • The wheels can easily break or fall off when mishandled or taken on rough terrains

  • ​It wears out after a long period of time

  • ​Can easily roll over because of its wheels

  • It only comes in one color – berry

Should I Buy one?

Since this carry on was first introduced a long time ago, Samsonite has made some adjustment to the bag – the most important being to the faulty zippers.

What I like about this product is that you do not have to wonder if it will fit in the overhead space of a specific airline since this carry-on suits them all.

If you don’t mind the color and just want a carry on that will hold over time, then the Samsonite Mightlight Spinner 21 is the way to go.

Samsonite has stopped manufacturing this product so it is only available for a limited time. You can check availability here

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