Samsonite Omni Review

Samsonite Omni is the ultimate travel bag because it is designed to ensure that it fits in most airlines overhead compartments, even in RyanAir’s.

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It is also very fashionable, and customers love it for its sturdiness and flexibility.

It is, in fact, one of the best selling carry on’s from Samsonite.
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Another factor that has been taken care of is security. After all, you should travel without a single worry. This luggage piece has a TSA lock which ensures that your luggage is safe, so the only thing you have to bother about is how to enjoy your vacation or business trip without any impediments.

This carry-on bag is built to withstand most of the scratches that may occur after prolonged use. Your case will still look as new as when you first purchased it even after using it for a long time.


  • ​100% Polycarbonate

  • ​Zipper closure

  • Micro-diamond texture (scratch-resistant)

  • ​Side-mounted Tsa lock

  • New lightweight spinner wheels for ​better mobility

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The Samsonite Omni PC Hardside was designed to be as light as possible and also to resist that clumsy baggage handler who we all hate.

How Much Can I Pack in?

Its capacity is sufficient enough for you to carry travel belongings for a 4-day trip.

It’s also expandable by a few inches, so if you forgot to pack something, you could use this helpful option.

I love the fact that the manufacturer made this item available in a  variety of colors including black, burnt orange, ​caribbean blue, and bright pink; however, not all colors will be available at some given point. I also don’t understand why you need to pay extra for some colors.

Additionally, some customers who bought this product complained that choosing bright colors was a mistake because of their bag staining after a few trips.

​The Samsonite Omni PC Hardside spinner is 20 inches and loaded with remarkable features that will either draw you into purchasing it or make you faithfully stick with it for a long time rather than getting another one.

What is It Made From and How Will It Roll?

This expandable luggage is made from 100% polycarbonate, a high-impact resistant plastic that is very durable and lightweight. You can read more about the polycarbonate material and its characteristics here

​​It has four re-engineered wheels that are specially designed to increase mobility, making it easy for you to move around.

The specially made telescopic handle also ensures that there is little to no weight at all on your arm. The wheels allow for 360 degrees upright rolling in different directions.

​What About the Case?

Omni has a full zip interior divider with cross-straps to help increase your packing organization. The divider also ensures that all your items are neatly placed and organized in a manner that you can easily access; it will also help you to prevent mixing your belongings.

It has a security integrated TSA lock that is side-mounted. This enhances safety and enables you to travel without worrying about your items.

The outer surface has a micro-diamond texture that is scratch resistant, ensuring that the case still looks new and beautiful after regular use.

​​It has a telescoping handle, meaning when the handles are out of the case, they enable easy maneuverability and are stored neatly inside when not in use.

​The luggage is carry-on size, so it is made to fit in many airline overhead compartments.

It also has a ten-year limited warranty and weighs only 6.8 pounds.


  • ​It is extremely light. Yes, everyone needs something that is lightweight, and that will allow you to move with ease.
  • ​​It has four multi-directional spinner wheels, making it incredibly easy for you to move in different directions, even on rough surfaces. The wheels are also designed in a way that ensures that you will not feel any weight on your arms or shoulder. This is an incredible feature because you will enjoy moving your bag across the airport without necessarily feeling like something is bugging you.
  • ​High quality – the quality of this carry-on bag is undeniably good. It is made of excellent materials that ultimately reflect the quality.
  • ​It has an expandable option – we know that you get things last minute or instant shop most of the time. Because this bag is expandable, it’s possible for you to pack all those extra travel accessories you purchase along the way.
  • ​​It has a TSA approved lock to ensure that your items are safe and secure when you are traveling. This guarantees that only you will have access as the owner of the bag.
  • ​​The zip interior divider has a cross strap which is handy because it helps with organization. You will know exactly where everything is as it will allow you to organize your stuff well so that you can access them quickly.
  • ​​It has a scratch-resistant texture which comes in handy because the carry-on will still look new even after using it for quite some time.


  • ​​Some people think that it is too small to fit most of their stuff and say they would have preferred it if it was a bit bigger, but trust me, this bag can carry enough items for a 4-day trip.
  • ​​You can’t overstuff it because some airlines will not accept it. Read the airlines rules before using the expandable option on this carry-on..
  • ​It has no small pockets that you can access from the exterior, so you will have to completely open the carry-on if you have last-minute items you want to squeeze in.
  • ​​It does not come with a handle on the side which will make it harder to move it in-out of the car, nor will you be able to carry it the way you wanted to. Additionally, the without the presence of a side handle, it is harder to put it in the overhead compartment or to place it on the scanner belt, especially if you have your hands full.
  • ​Although some customers use the Samsonite Omni to travel to Europe, its wheels are not made for rough surfaces. If you plan to go overseas, I suggest choosing another bag..


For family trips, weekend trips, or short vacations, this bag will come in handy. It is very compact, and its compartments make it even easier to organize your items.

The bag is exceptionally stylish and comfortable to carry on. You are also assured of the safety of your hard shell luggage because of the TSA approved lock. This bag will make you comfortable, and you will enjoy your trip thoroughly.

This carry-on bag is the perfect combination of style and substance. You can have it all with this bag as all those qualities you look for while choosing a bag are right here. It also comes in vibrant colors that will lighten up your trip.

Should You Choose This Carry-on?

Omni could be the best-selling item from Samsonite.

If you look at the online stores, you will see a lot of reviews and happy customers who bought this product.

​They can’t be all wrong, can they?


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