Top recommended places for first-time travelers

First-time traveler?

Here are top places to go to

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the best places for your first trip.

You already know the language, so dealing with locals will be easy.

You should stay in London or as close to London as possible, but keep in mind that London is an expensive city and the prices tend to rise a bit every year.

You shouldn’t rent a car in London because you will pay a lot for parking spaces.

Grab the London attractions map and start exploring the city for a few days, and after that, you can explore the whole country if you wish to.


Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world.

You should know that Ireland splits into two different countries with two different currencies.

You are in luck because international cards will work in ATMs everywhere. 

Beautiful and colorful landscapes dot the Ireland countryside.

Northern Ireland is 10-20 % cheaper than the Republic of Ireland, so if you want to bring the costs down, you should stay in the north and travel every day to the whole country.

If you are from outside the EU, you are entitled to tax-free shopping in Ireland.

New Zealand

Once again, the language will not be a hurdle in New Zealand since everybody speaks English.

You will find the countryside to be somewhat similar to the States with vast landscapes and unique fauna and flora.

If you manage to wander there, you will find familiar places, but how?

The answer is easy, the countryside was the setting for many movies: Lord of The Rings, The Last Samurai, Wolverine, just to name a few.

I recommend NZ to active people since you will be able to do all kinds of outdoor sports, and if walking is your poison, you are in for a treat.

Just remember to bring a sturdy pair of boots with you.

If you want to move around cheap, then you should use InterCity buses, and if you book in advance, you can find deals as low as 2 bucks for a 2-3 hour trip, or you can buy a bus travel pass if you feel you’re going to move around a lot and want to visit as many places as possible.


If you are into new life experiences, then Vietnam is a good option for you.

Language is not a big problem there since most Vietnamese are well-educated, and in a group of four people, there is always someone who knows English. Nightlife has a standard of its own with vibrating streets and exciting foods. 

In Saigon, you will find the craziest street intersections on the planet. You can spend an hour staring at it and wonder how not a single accident may occur.

What amazes me in Vietnam is the diversity of people here. Step up into a coffee shop, and you will find people from all over the world.

Coffee shops are also the working place for digital nomads since you can find outstanding internet speeds.

Final Thought

I hope this small article was helpful to you. 

Remember: If something appears too good to be true, then avoid it. 

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