Samsonite History

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Founded in Denver Colorado in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, Samsonite would slowly grow from a small operation to the international organization it is today. Known now as Samsonite International S.A., the company takes its name from the biblical strongman Samson, linking in brand imagery the strength of this mythological individual with every piece of luggage sold.

A recognizable name in American luggage, Samsonite has managed to set a high bar for affordable and aesthetically sleek luggage for more than 10 decades. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review Samsonite carry on luggage and why you may want to consider them the next time you take a flight.

Meeting Specific Requirements

Since the dawn of commercial aviation, Samsonite has produced luggage that works in tangent with the requirements for size released by the airline agencies.

​With dimension specifically meant for the available space in overhead departments, Samsonite carry on luggage has gradually evolved over time to match the needs of airline agencies while still providing a reliable product to consumers.

Unlike other luggage providers, few have the history of working with aviation in creating luggage designs that stay together and function well in protecting your personal possessions.

Pros And Cons Of Samsonite Carry On Luggage


  • A History Of Affordability: Samsonite has managed to be affordable and accessible for the majority of airline travels, ensuring that there is a dependable suitcase option. While more luxury models of suitcases have been designed and sold over time, you can still get a Samsonite luggage container for a practical price.
  • A History Of Superior Design: Samsonite carry on luggage as well as other luggage they sell has a reputation for being well made and capable of surviving countless trips as both carry on and check baggage. Whether you need it for a rare family trip or you rely on it for business, Samsonite is a dependable company in terms of quality.
  • A History Of Design: Samsonite has carried on a unique aesthetic with their bags that makes them recognizable as professional and practical. This is especially true for the Samsonite carry on luggage bags that are designed for both professionalism and space. With yours to improve their design, the end result is that every piece of Samsonite carry on luggage comes with decades of research and revisions.
  • Lightweight: Understanding the need of those who use their Samsonite carry on luggage, the company has worked to create luggage that is lightweight and easily transportable. This means the inclusion of handles and wheels for pulling. Not only are these features included, but they are designed to last. While other suitcases will break apart and lose their functionality, Samsonite’s durable and lightweight design will mean that your suitcase lasts longer


  • Increasingly Made Overseas. For the longest time, all Samsonite luggage was made in the United States. It was a signature of the company providing quality through well crafted American manufacturing. However, over the past few decades, the majority of manufacturing has moved overseas, with at least 40% of all Samsonite carry on luggage coming from a manufacturing plant in Nashik, India.
  • ​Sticker Shock. While Samsonite is affordable, it is still priced above what you may typically pay for carry on luggage. One thing that you may want to consider is that while Samsonite carry on luggage may be costlier than the competition, it will also last far longer. you will spend less time replacing the luggage, which for those who use their Samsonite carry on luggage frequently will be a lifesaver.

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