​Traveler’s Choice luggage vs Samsonite

​If you are searching for a piece of luggage from Traveler’s Choice or Samsonite, then you come to the right place.

​First, here is a bit of history about the two corporations.

​Traveler’s Choice was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles, California and sells more than 1.6 million pieces of luggage every year. This a young company in the luggage world, but it is not so young with innovation. This group has received many awards which have pushed the company to where it is today.

Samsonite was founded in 1910 in Denver, Colorado and is named after the Biblical character, Samson, who had superhuman strength. Samsonite doesn’t publish any data about the number of bags sold worldwide, but with 19.4 billion US dollars in revenue every year, the sky is the limit.

​Let’s dive in and see some of the best products from both corporations; however, keep in mind that Samsonite has a lot more items available as the more influential group.

Samsonite Omni PC Three-Piece Set Spinner

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This is one of the best selling three-piece luggage sets from Samsonite, and I believe that Samsonite did a good job designing this robust product.

This set is made from polycarbonate, is scratch resistant, and each piece comes fitted with a large interior pocket.

Some customers like to have a big interior pocket that is the size of half the case to help them organize things, though others do not.

All three bags are expandable by a few inches, but you should be careful how you use this feature because you might have to pay extra when you check-in.

It’s ok if you don’t want the entire set. You can read an extended review of the Samsonite Omni here


  • An extensive palette of colors to chose from

  • ​Easy to handle on all surfaces

  • ​Sturdy case


  • Zippers are not very robust so you should use extra caution when opening or closing them

Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Luggage Set, Large, Three-Piece

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Similar to Omni, this luggage set is made from polycarbonate and is scratch resistant.

This its a good set, especially for tall people because the telescopic handle extends a lot.

Aside from their dimensions, there is little difference between the two products.

Both sets can be nested so that you can store them all in the biggest case.

Additionally, both are expandable and have an integrated TSA lock.

Traveler’s Choice stated that because of the unique construction, Tasmania will absorb more impact by flexing compared to the competition, but only a baggage handler will tell you if this is true or not.

I did notice that Traveler’s Choice wheels tend to be more robust than Samsonite Omni’s, but overall, I can’t tell who will fail first.


  • ​Wheels of high quality that provide smooth and quiet rolling

  • ​It expands way more than its competition


  • The handle should be more sturdy

​Next, we will look at a two-wheel carry-on luggage piece from Traveler’s Choice and Samsonite and just as before; we will use price as a starting point for the comparison.

Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Lightweight Expandable Rugged Rollaboard Rolling Luggage 21″

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This product is made from 1680 denier water-resistant fabric. If you don’t know what 1680 denier is, it is a form of ballistic nylon with a durable water-resistant finish.

This bag is padded with EVA foam for durability and improved impact resistance.

What About the Weight?

The Birmingham weighs only 7.8 pounds when empty and has lots of pocket and compartments to help you store your belongings in an organized way.

One of the advantages it has over the competition is the fact that the wheels are made from high-grade plastic so you can even use this luggage on cobblestone surfaces – say hello to those European roads!

Some customers buy this product primarily to travel to Europe since the carry on size requirements are worse here than in the U.S.


  • The water-resistant fabric – many manufacturers say that their product is water-resistant to some extent, but this is the real deal

  • ​Quality wheels with crush guard – I believe that crush guard should be a must on all carry-ons because they will save you time and money since 90% of wheels fall off when other objects hit the luggage


  • ​Only two color options available

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Upright 21.5″

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Upright 21.5 review
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This is another excellent product from the luggage giant: Samsonite.

This 2-wheel carry-on is made 100% from nylon ensuring that this bag is lightweight.

This case has a telescopic handle and comes with a top and side carry handle that will allow you to put in an overhead compartment with ease.

Please be aware that the 4-wheel version of this luggage is made of polyester.

It also has a front lower pocket which you can use to store a laptop that is 15” maximum in size.

The inline skate wheels are built to last and are made from polyurethane.

Aspire Xlite has a large number of pockets to store your last minute items including two interior pockets.

It is waterproof to some extent, but I would not go into heavy rain with it.

If you want to make it absolutely water resistant, then I suggest using a water repellent spray.

What About the Weight and Case?

The case weighs only 7.5 lbs when empty and 8.2 lbs with its straps and mesh pockets.

This carry on bag it’s also expandable, but might not fit the overhead compartment of all airlines when expanded.


  • ​The fabric of this luggage will last longer, and because it’s black, you will not be able to see the stains easily

  • ​The wheels can be replaced, though finding them might be difficult


  • No built-in TSA lock. Since there are so many outside pockets and zipper, the manufacturer couldn’t provide a build in TSA lock for this luggage

  • Black is the only color available – if you don’t mind this, you should know that at least for Samsonite the black version is always the cheaper one

What About the Warranty?

Samsonite offers a ten-year limited warranty for their products compared to Traveler’s Choice which offers one to ten years limited warranty depending on the item you buy.

This means that the Company will cover only manufacturer defects.


As you can see, choosing between the two manufacturers is not an easy task. Regardless, you should always keep in mind what your needs are.

If you want a good carry on luggage piece with lots of pockets and the ability to store a laptop, then you should go for the Samsonite Aspire, but if you want to travel overseas, then the Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Lightweight might be the one best suited for you.

​Between the Samsonite Omni three-piece set and the Traveler’s Choice Tasmania three-piece set, some buyers will choose the Tasmania luggage because is better suited for tall people while others will go with Omni since is their best-selling item with a lot of reviews from buyers.

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