Enjoy the Bewitching Beauty of Copenhagen in Winter

If you are looking forward to a holiday trip to one of the most enchanting spots in Europe during winter then Copenhagen should be your choice. It is obviously cold enough yet not dull or barren as other destinations may look to a visitor.

​Copenhagen has the right stuff be it daytime or nightfall to give you that rare ecstatic holiday feel even in cold weather conditions. Copenhagen is, in fact, one such place that has a range of fun and sightseeing for even winter holiday visitors.

​Winter dazzles in Tivoli

Winter in Tivoli is a great tourist attraction and you will find the whole place buzzing with economic activities. You surely wouldn’t miss out on anything being here even if it were Halloween or Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

​The place offers just about anything in the cold weather to keep visitors happy. There are estimated to be scores of rides and don’t ever miss out the Aquila if you are among the more adventurous.

​You better spent the daytime on these rides for the evenings here are surely going to spoil you with concerts and cuisines with the choicest food from around the world.

There are nightclubs and bars all over the place or you may simply go around for a walk with Christmas lights lit all over the town.

​Grand Museums and Castles

Copenhagen offers enough its own traditional and historical footings for those who love arts and artifacts. You may visit the Copenhagen museum during the day hours and go through three centuries of Denmark’s history. There is also a technological addition to this museum and that is you may browse or navigate through the tales and lives of Copenhagen.

​It is called ‘The Wall’ and the beauty of it is that you may upload your own photos and experiences during your visit to Copenhagen. Mind you this is not a small display, but rather huge enough and has around 12 meters long touch-screen which in itself may give you a big surprise.

​If you have kids in your group and would like them not to bother you while you are browsing on the screen you may show them the upstairs where the museum hosts the playroom called ‘The Dream of a City’. Here, kids can build the city of their dreams with LEGO blocks.

​Besides, a trip to the museum you mustn’t forget the charming looking Rosenberg Castle, Christiansburg Palace and of course Fredrik’s Church.

It is to be understood that Denmark has the oldest monarchy in the whole world and so the footprints and touches of royalty are all pervasive. And you will never, of course, miss the Mermaid Statue as that is also a center of attraction.

​If you are here for a few days or a week then you may divide your days by planning as to how to make the most of your visit remain fun-filled.

​Sports and games and some wine or beer

If you have more interest in being personally involved in things then you may love the sporting activities of the place. There is, of course, a range of winter sports at Copenhagen and among these, you would love to do either outdoor or indoor ski.

You may even love to go to Golf og Konference center if your group wishes so. Otherwise, you may simply go skating or sledging in places where there is snow. The best about Copenhagen is that you would never feel lonely as visitors from all parts of the world arrive here, thronging in summer while still plentiful in winter.

\​Naturally, you get best rates on hotel rooms as well as much other stuff although shopping is still quite expensive. Hence be careful while spending your money and if you are a little careful then you may have the most important things you had wished to purchase right from here.

​Night Clubs, wines and hot drinks

​You are sure to enjoy the best of breweries from the world over if you happen to be at Copenhagen. There are numerous bars and clubs serving hot drinks of perhaps the widest range seen anywhere in the world. A quiet evening at a cozy corner watching the snow fall through the window of your restaurant is what many visitors may do after a lot of walking in the day. You should never miss the famous Old Carleberry Brewery which is just not for visitors only but has stunning collections of beer bottles and that too from all parts of the world.

​You are sure to get free drinks on the tickets you purchase and they may even allow you to take a sample too. If you come around in Christmas or New Year Eve you would notice that the buzz is the same and that you are able to watch the Tivoli fireworks too. During important days like Christmas and New Year day, you would be surprised to see restaurants offering very special drinks and cocktails.

​Think about winter clothes

​If you come down to Copenhagen during winter then you ought to take a few extra clothing for the weather here is ever changing and can be cold. You are likely to experience windy mornings, mild weather and then sudden rain or snow. But this may not be quite a news for travelers who are regularly visiting Nordic nations.

​But for first-time visitors, several layers of cloth and a sweater above is the best way to dress. Take a few scarfs and a small coat and it is always better to have boots to cover your feet.

​As said earlier it may rain without any warning or whatsoever so take a light easily foldable raincoat or a small travel umbrella. You will never ever think of it as a burden when you are here.

As for the flight tickets you had better take the advantage of low rates in winter, but this again depends upon the flight or travel agency. Don’t forget to take you favorite luggage with you. But the best of it is that you will never ever regret being at Copenhagen during winter.

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